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As part of our endeavours to assist you in your preserving adventures, here at Wares of Knutsford we have put together our very own new quarterly free magazine! ‘The Good Life’ is available now from our website.

What is ‘The Good Life’ preserving magazine about?

Well, every quarter we will publish a free copy of ‘The Good Life’ preserving magazine, packed with information and tips about preserving, household management and usually a few cheeky recipes too. The Autumn 2015 issue is out now and covers preserving in wartime Britain, sterilising jars and the principles of jam making, freezing and pulping fruit, freezing in jars, French preserving and glassware, Mrs Doubtfire’s household management and some autumn recipes. There’s also a handy 10% discount code in the magazine, to be used on your next Wares of Knutsford online shopping session!

‘The Good Life’ is published seasonally to help you take advantage of food at its best, cheapest and most nutritious. A copy of our seasonal produce calendar is included to help you see at a glance which foods are in season at any time of the year.

We have created ‘The Good Life’ to both help and entertain you, and because we love to share the knowledge and experience we have learned from our 20 plus years of preserving. Whether you are an amateur or professional preserver, restaurateur, allotment gardener, artisan seller or home brewer – or if you can’t even make beans on toast but are interested in food – we hope and believe that you will find our magazine interesting.

How do I get a copy of ‘The Good Life’ preserving magazine?

The process is simple – just click on the link on our home page, then enter your information to sign up for our monthly newsletter and ‘The Good Life’ will be sent to your email address for download. Otherwise you can ‘purchase’ a copy – this is a free magazine so you add a copy to your basket and go through the checkout process but will not be charged to receive ‘The Good Life’. You will receive and email from us with a link to click on to download your free copy. You can also browse a virtual version of the magazine online from our website.

Contribute to ‘The Good Life’

We love to hear from our customers and are constantly amused, amazed and impressed at how creative you all are. If you would like to share your recipes, knowledge and experience with other preservers in our magazine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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      The magazine is produced twice a year and will be replaced in the Spring for the summer months.

      Valerie Byles, Wares of Knutsford Limited

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