Preserving labels for jars

labelsPreserving labels for jars

Labels for jars are not exactly a glamorous subject but they are important – there is little worse than taking a big bite of a delicious homemade scone with strawberry jam and clotted cream only to find that you have spread it with chutney by mistake!

Preserving labels at Wares of Knutsford

We are proud of the quality and variety of our range of preserving labels. The bulk of the department is from the Words of Art range by mother and daughter artist team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff, featuring their delightful watercolour designs. There are labels decorated with fruit and vegetable designs that you could match beautifully to your products, with examples including citrus fruits, onions, plums, strawberries and raspberries. There is also a useful range of graphic designs that can be used not only as labels for jars of food but also for cosmetic or aromatherapy products. This range includes gingham, polka dot, line and graduated borders in olive green, ocean blue, sunshine yellow, rose red, cornflower blue, periwinkle blue and coral.

There are also some modern and funky multiuse labels featuring the royal crown, a beehive and a vintage-style Union Jack border. You can also choose from some lovely rustic designs featuring a garden gate, wellies or a glittery tiara.

In addition to Words of Art, we stock labels by Kitchen Craft in a variety of designs and others by Kilner in a chalkboard finish.

All of our labels are self-adhesive and feature a plain white centre panel on which to write.

Why you need preserving labels

Apart from the obvious – to identify the contents – jar labels often contain other pieces of useful information, particularly if you are giving your produce away as a gift or selling it. Consider adding a use-by date, storage instructions and an ingredients list to your labels. If you are giving jars as a gift, you could also add a tag on a string or ribbon around the neck of the jar with a personal message for the recipient to avoid crowding your label.

If you are selling your produce, there are some fairly strict legal requirements regarding what information you should include on the label. Contact your local trading standards office for up-to-date information, but usually a use-by date and ingredients list are among the requirements. You will also generally find that you need to name your product according to some fairly strict criteria.

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