Preserving ideas for plums

Preserving ideas for plums- using jam jars

A delicious homemade jam made of freshly harvested organic plums

If you have a plum tree in your garden, you are no doubt enjoying plenty of plum puddings with custard, stocking your freezer with plums, and giving away bags of plums to anyone who shows a passing interest. If you have two or more plum trees, you are possibly wondering what on earth you are going to do with them all, as plum trees can produce a huge amount of fruit and sometime even cause branches of the tree to break off under the sheer weight. Whether you have your own plum trees or you have snagged a seasonal bargain at the greengrocers, read on for some great ideas for how to preserve your plums.

Preserved plums in large jam jars

One of the tastiest and most decadent things to do with all those plums is to preserve them whole. Choose large glass jars for this project and preserve your plums in red wine, port, or even brandy. If you want a spiced preserving syrup, add cinnamon and star anise – along with plenty of sugar, of course. For a tangier taste, try pickling your plums in cider vinegar, adding allspice, cloves, powdered ginger and cinnamon to the mix along with the sugar.

Quirky plum jam ideas

Traditional plum jam is a staple in many homes and it always delivers on taste and the feel-good factor. If you are ready to take your plum jam to another level, how about chocolate plum jam? You do not actually add chocolate to the recipe, just cocoa powder, but it will give a rich, sumptuous chocolate flavour to your jam that will have friends clamouring for your secret recipe!

Another unusual idea for jazzing up your plum jam is to add rum and raisins for a plum, rum and raisin jam. The seasonal flavours in this recipe make it the ideal jam to give as a Christmas gift to friends and family.

More plums? You will need more jam jars

If you have frozen, pickled and preserved a mountain of plums and you still have lots to use up, you will need more glass jars. Check out our range to see what takes your fancy and then hunt online for more plum preserves recipes. Right now, you might feel that you never want to see another plum; however, in a month or two – when the weather is cold and the days are short – those delicious plum jams and jars of preserved plums will offer a delicious dollop of comfort food that will cheer you up through the winter months.

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