Preserving equipment for 2016

preservingPreserving equipment for 2016

If you regularly visit the Wares of Knutsford website, you will probably have noticed that we have been adding lots of new products to our line-up this year. Preserving season will begin shortly and we want to make sure you know what is available so that you can go into your preserving endeavours fully prepared!

Preserving equipment – pans and buckets

A preserving pan is usually known as a maslin pan. You can use any heavy-based saucepan for making jams and chutneys, but maslin pans are specially designed for preserving. Maslin pans tend to have high sides and a wide neck to help contain spatters, which also makes them easy to fill and empty; in addition, the sloped sides are ideal to rest a thermometer on. They often come with markings on the side to help you work out quantities and have a handle for easy lifting and pouring. At Wares of Knutsford we have maslin pans in 4.5-litre, eight-litre and nine-litre capacities and finished in stainless steel, red or black.

For the home brewing crowd, there are plastic food buckets in one-litre, 2.75-litre and five-litre sizes and plastic jerry cans in one-litre, 2.5-litre and five-litre sizes.

Preserving equipment – thermometers and funnels

You can get away with making preserves without thermometers and funnels, but they do make the process easier and cleaner. We have a wide selection of preserving accessories, including funnels in plastic and stainless steel and a variety of sizes. You can choose from three different thermometers, which go up to 200°C. The Kilner thermometer comes with a lid-lifting tool or you can buy a separate set of jar-lifting tongs. On the same page you will also find a clever silicone thermo spoon with an integrated thermometer probe that allows you to monitor the temperature of the contents of your pan while you are stirring. You can also buy a twin pack of marmalade scissors and a fruit press by Kilner.

Preserving accessories – strainers, labels and jar covers

Straining cloths are available in butter muslin, cheesecloth, cotton and nylon. You can buy the bags separately or in a kit including a stand for hands-free straining.

Having filled your jars, make sure you label the contents clearly. Most of our labels are by Words of Art, a mother and daughter artist team producing beautiful watercolour labels in a huge range of designs. If you are giving away preserves as gifts, you may also want to consider adding a pretty jar cover and ribbon to complete the decorative effect.

Preserving equipment for 2016

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