Presenting your produce in jam jars

Presenting your produce in jam jars

PROVENCE, FRANCE - JULY 15, 2014: Jars ofa different french marmalade at the rural market. Street markets very popular in Provence

Good things come in small packages. First impressions count. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. There are so many sayings that point to the fact that, in everything we do, presentation is important. If we want to create the very best impression, we need to take care with the details and the way in which we show off our efforts and creations. Nowhere is this more true than in home preserves, where a reused jam jar with a grubby printer label can make a delicious jar of jam or chutney look distinctly unappealing in no time at all. In today’s post, we look at how to present your jams, pickles and preserves in the best possible way to garner admiring comments from all who see them.

Jam jar labels are key

As we mentioned above, a plain white printer label just won’t cut it when it comes to labelling your home preserves. Even worse is a piece of paper sellotaped to the jar! If you have gone to the time and trouble of making your own unique preserves, it makes sense to continue this care and attention in the labelling of your jars. At Wares, we stock a huge range of labels for all sorts of pickles and preserves. From colourful labels with gorgeous fruit or vegetable designs to cute oval labels that look fabulous on all sorts of jars, there is a label in our collection to suit your needs. The oval labels in the Grandma’s Pantry range are exclusive to Wares of Knutsford and are easy peel, making them a cinch to position on the jar.

Jam jar labels are just one part of effective presentation

A lovely label is, of course, the most important part of presenting your preserves in their best light; however, if you are giving them as gifts, selling them or entering them in competitions at country shows, there are other details you can add to boost the overall effect. With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to explore our range of display bags and gift boxes. These are just perfect for homemade preserves, holding either two or three standard jars of jam or chutney. It is a great idea to make several different jams or pickles and to include three different flavours in your gifts, with each labelled clearly to show through the display window at the front of the bag or box.

Why not browse our range of labels, tags, ribbons and gift bags today to ensure your preserves are presented professionally?

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