Buying Plastic Sweet Jars

plastic sweet jars

Traditional sweet shop style is one of those retro concepts making a very trendy comeback. There’s a massive nostalgia hit from both the colourful lines of sweetie filled jars and the unmistakeable candy scent that hits you as you open the door of a traditional sweet shop, even if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

You can recreate that feeling at home or at events quite simply, by buying plastic sweet jars and displaying them and their colourful contents.

Buying plastic sweet jars for events

The candy colours of a sweet stall are becoming a popular feature of wedding receptions, birthday parties and other big events. Great for children and adults alike, organise a prettily decorated stand and supply it with a range of jars full of traditional sweets – old favourites such as lemon sherbets, rhubarb and custards, pear drops and bon bons go down a storm with guests both old and young. Don’t forget also to provide plenty of paper bags, scoops and a set of old fashioned weighing scales. You could go the whole hog and make sure there’s an appropriately attired attendant to oversee proceedings but selecting the jars and weighing out their own goods keeps junior guests entertained for hours. Remember too that you’ll have a handy selection of plastic jars to take home for you own use afterwards and you may even get to indulge in some leftover sweets!

Using plastic sweet jars at home

Organised types who enjoy decanting their produce into neat, labelled rows of clear containers often find plastic jars a practical alternative to the traditional glass jars. They’re lighter, safer and the Wares of Knutsford plastic sweet jars come with a range of brightly coloured lids to help you colour code your produce. If you prefer the traditional bell shaped lids of glass jars, there is a convenient plastic version available. There are tall, slim jars, round or shaped ones and easy access tilted spherical versions for all your needs.

They make great containers for pasta, rice, flour, sugar, lentils and other pulses, tea, coffee and your other dried goods. Alternatively, you can use your plastic jars to organise your crafting utensils or your children’s bedrooms. Plastic jars make practical containers for lego, beads, marbles, small toys, hair accessories, cosmetics and all the other sundry paraphernalia that kids collect. You can even use them in the ‘man cave’, to organise screws, nuts, bolts, rawl plugs and all the other small tools that get so easily lost.

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