Plastic jars for the play room

Plastic jars for the play room 

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If you have children, you are no doubt familiar with the piles of toys, teddies and favourite playthings that seem to multiply before your very eyes and creep out again minutes after you have tidied them away for the nineteenth time in an afternoon. Larger toys are not quite such a problem, but tiny items such as Lego bricks, toy cars, jigsaw pieces and farm animals seem to have a knack of getting everywhere, and getting lost all too often. If only there was a way to get everything organised in an easy-to-use system that was fun and safe for children!

Plastic jars to the rescue

If the picture described above sounds familiar and you are desperate to find a way to keep all those pesky toys together, look no further than our range of plastic jars with lids. Safe and durable, these jars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can hold quite an amount of play room items. With brightly-coloured lids and clear plastic bodies, these jars are the ideal solution for storing all those jigsaw pieces, crayons, Nerf gun cartridges, toy cars, loom bands, or whatever toys your children are currently taken with.

The great thing about using plastic storage jars in the play room is that they won’t break if they get knocked over or dropped, and they are perfectly safe. Even in the toughest conditions of the rowdiest play room, these jars will survive!

Another fabulous thing about using plastic jars with lids in this way is that they are so easy to clean. We all know that no matter how hard you try, children will find mess and mayhem in every corner. If your toy storage jars ever look a little grubby, it is a breeze to give them a quick wipe over or rinse out and return them to looking as good as new.

Plastic jars in all shapes and sizes

Our plastic jars with lids come in a wide range of sizes, starting at the small end with a 200ml plastic jar and going right up to a whopping 4,430ml slimline jar. The chubby 500ml plastic PET jar would be great for storing crayons or colouring pencils, for example, whilst the largest jar would look awesome filled with toy cars or Lego.

There are so many other sizes available that you are bound to find exactly the right jar for any toy storage job you have. Check out the range today and organise your play room once and for all!

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