Plastic jars for fun

Plastic jars for fun

We might be best known for our huge range of glass jars in all shapes and sizes, but here at Wares of Knutsford, we also carry quite an array of plastic jars. Glass jars are what you need if you are making jams, pickles and preserves, of course, but sometimes a plastic jar is much more suitable. In today’s post, we cast our eyes across our plastic jar range and suggest some ideas for how these versatile and durable jars can be used.

Plastic jars in the playroom 

drawing pencils in glass jar on pastel background

If you have children, you will be familiar with the issue of constantly finding small toys or toy parts around the house. Whether it is Lego bricks, Nerf gun bullets, racing cars or farmyard animals, children have a habit of strewing their bits and bobs in every conceivable place. With a few of our larger plastic storage jars, it is easy to tidy up after them, perhaps with a jar allocated to each type of toy. Stacked on a shelf in the playroom or your children’s bedrooms, these jars will look good and work hard to help you keep the mayhem to a minimum.

In addition to toy storage, a tall plastic PET jar can work brilliantly as a container for pens, pencils and crayons. Children will soon get the hang of putting their colouring materials away after they have been drawing or working on a colouring book, and you will be instilling some good habits for keeping their belongings safe and tidy.

Plastic jars for adult hobbies 

Glass jar containing various colored thread on yellow background

It is not just children who tend to have bits and bobs lying around that could do with a tidy up. Any adult with a hobby will definitely find a few storage containers useful for getting organised. Whether you have a man cave or a she shed that you retreat to when you need some peace and quiet, some plastic storage will help you to keep this space neat and tidy and a relaxing place to be. Use plastic containers and jars to store everything from sewing or knitting materials to woodworking tools and craft equipment. Our slimline PET jars are tall enough to hold crochet hooks and knitting needles, while our 425ml clear plastic PET jars are great to fill with sewing needles, thread, buttons and small scissors to place around the house as emergency sewing kits.

If your child’s room, or your own craft room for that matter, looks like a missile has hit it, perhaps it is time to consider some storage jars!

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