Plastic jars for storing

Plastic jars for storing  

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Does clutter seem to multiply all by itself in your house? Do all manner of odds and ends somehow find their way onto every conceivable shelf or surface? Does it take forever to find what you are looking for? If this sounds like you, you need a storage makeover. It is time to banish the clutter and sort everything into a well-organised system to give you a clean and tidy house and an easy, no-fuss means of finding everything whenever you need it.

Plastic jars in the kitchen and utility room

As the central room in the house, where the family spends the most time, the kitchen tends to attract more than its fair share of clutter and chaos. From storing biscuits and cookies to organising your herbs and spices, plastic jars with lids are the answer. Particularly with herbs and spices, it is tempting just to buy a couple of jars to see how the new system goes; however, doing this means you don’t see the full benefit of getting really organised. It is far better to bite the bullet and work out exactly how many jars you need, add a few extra for spares, and get the whole switch to the new jars done in one go – you will be delighted once you see the result. You can also use larger jars to tidy up bags of pasta, rice and flour, and dried fruits such as raisins and sultanas.

Moving into the utility room, plastic jars with lids can be a great way to store dried pet foods, for example. They are airtight and will keep Fido’s biscuits fresh; in addition, they will prevent any unauthorised raids on the pet food supplies! Look around your utility room and see whether there are any other obvious candidates for clutter-busting, then check out our range of jars to see which are most suitable for the clutter you need to bust.

Plastic jars in the shed or garage

Sheds and garages are another clutter hotspot and seem to fill up almost overnight with a bewildering array of ‘stuff’. For the most part, the shed or garage is out of sight; therefore, things can easily reach something of a crisis point before action becomes unavoidable. Again, look around the space, sort the clutter into related groups and identify the right jars to tidy everything away; for example, open packs of seeds can be stored together in plastic jars with lids to keep them fresh. Sort nuts, bolts and screws into similar sets, then store in different jars. Keep going until everything is tidy!

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