Make Your Own Wine from a Pinot Grigio Kit

Pinot Grigio kit

At Wares of Knutsford, we believe in making life simpler and easier. Home grown and home made might be the ideal, but not everyone has the time (or the know how!) to do everything from scratch. As such, we believe the Kilner ‘Make Your Own’ kits offer an excellent starting point for home brewing. You can learn how to make Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon, cider, lager and bitter without having to buy lots of expensive equipment and ingredients.

How to make Pinot Grigio kit

The Pinot Grigio kit, made by Kilner, will allow you to make your own, cost effectively, in less than a month. The kit contains the ingredients for six 75cl bottles of wine – the standard commercial size – or 4.5 litres in total, based around the finest quality Italian grapes. You only need to add water.

Make sure all your kit is well sterilised and rinse before you start by adding your grape juice to water. The next part of the process is to add yeast and start fermentation, for which you will need to leave your wine to stand in a spot where an ambient temperature can be maintained, between 20C-30C. This stage complete, you add stabiliser and finings, as provided, before bottling. Ideally you’ll leave your bottles at least three weeks to mature before drinking.

The accompanying fully illustrated instruction guide explains the process step by step, making the whole experience stress free right from the start through to enjoying a glass of your own, home brewed Pinot Grigio.

Sharing the results of your Pinot Grigio kit

You may not be planning to venture into commercial wine making, but you will no doubt want to share your viticultural adventure so it’s a good idea to have a clue what you’re talking about! Pinot grigio is essentially the Italian version of the French Pinot gris grape. While the wine made from these grapes is white, the fruits themselves are gray blue in colour and the resulting wine varies from a rich gold to pale pink shades. The red wine version of the same is called Pinot noir.

The Pinot grigio grape produces an acidic but fruity flavoured wine. Different varieties of this grape are found all over the world but the Italian version favours a lighter and crisper drink than French or German varieties.

Explaining to guests that they are drinking wine you have brewed yourself makes a great conversation piece!

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