Longest day of the year – enamel plates for picnics

Longest day of the year – picnic time 

Fresh juicy strawberries on vintage enamelware on rustic background

It seems like no time at all since the days were short and the temperatures distinctly chilly; however, here we are in the middle of June and approaching the longest day of the year. The temperature might leave something to be desired, but there can be no doubt that the evenings are long and leisurely, making them perfect for that favourite of summer treats – the picnic. Whether you head off to the countryside for a full-day picnic extravaganza or simply pop down to your local park one evening after work to eat out in the evening sunshine, picnics are a fun way to do something different and enjoy the simple pleasure of being outdoors. In today’s post, we extol the virtues of enamel mugs, plates and bowls, and show how they can come into their own on picnics and trips to the beach or country.

Enamel plates to the rescue

If you have made do with paper plates on picnics, you will know that they are not without their limitations; for example, they are typically quite flimsy and do not fare very well if you want to pour a dressing on your salad. In contrast, enamel plates and dishes are ideal for picnics. They are almost indestructible, solid and reliable, and can be easily wiped clean ready to take home.

We stock a huge range of enamel dishes, plates and mugs from iconic manufacturer Falcon. With flat plates in a variety of sizes, plus rice plates, soup plates and breakfast plates, you will be sure to find the perfect items for your picnic needs.

More than just enamel plates

In addition to a huge range of plates from the Falcon range, we stock enamel mugs, coffee pots, tea pots and dishes. These are all perfect for picnics and camping trips and are sure to give years of reliable service. Our Falcon enamel mugs come in white, blue or red, all with a contrasting coloured rim. The vintage-inspired coffee pots come in red, blue and green, with the teapot available in the same colours and in white and cream.

It is easy to stick to things such as sandwiches and cocktail sausages on a picnic; however, with the help of some enamel dishes, there is no reason why you can’t rustle up some more imaginative things to take with you. Why not make a picnic pie with a sausage and egg filling, seasoned with fresh herbs picked from the garden? Alternatively, make a healthy curried chicken and mango salad for a zingy and appetising picnic meal.

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