Pickled cucumbers in glass jars

Pickled cucumbers in glass jars 

Jars of pickled marinated cucumbers on rustic table

Few people can resist a fabulous burger. Made with prime beef and lots of tangy relish and fresh toppings, a really good burger is hard to beat. With barbecue season now in full swing, many people are thinking about organising a family get-together or garden party and are looking to make their own delicious burgers rather than buying them from the supermarket. Often, however, cooks tend to concentrate on the burger itself, taking time to make these by hand but then adding shop-bought toppings such as relish or pickles. In today’s blog post, we take a look at just how easy it is to make homemade pickled cucumbers to serve on burgers and other dishes. Once you have seen how easy this is, you will be raring to make your own ready for your next barbecue event.

The right glass jars for your pickles

Before you start to prepare your pickled cucumbers, you need to consider the jars you will use to store them in. We recommend using either our one-gallon pickle jar or our ½-gallon jar. These are perfect for pickles and really look the part. If you only want to prepare a small amount of pickled cucumber, one of our clip top jars, such as the Kilner one-litre square clip top jar, would be ideal.

Filling those glass jars

Once you have decided on the right jar for this project, it is time to get busy. For this recipe, we have opted for a relatively small amount, using just one cucumber; however, it is easy to scale the recipe up if you have a glut of cucumbers that you would like to use up – simply multiply the ingredients according to how many cucumbers you have.


1 cucumber, thinly peeled
2 tsp salt
60g sugar
75ml white vinegar
2-inch piece of fresh root ginger


Take the peeled cucumber and lightly run the back of a fork down the length of the cucumber, around all sides. This will give a ridged appearance to the cucumber slices.

Slice the cucumber thinly and place in a bowl with the salt, making sure it is mixed thoroughly. After 10 minutes or so, rinse with cold water. Drain the cucumber and then put it back in the bowl.

Grate the root ginger and add to the cucumber along with the sugar and vinegar. Mix everything together well.

Place the cucumber slices into a clean, sterilised jar, ensuring that enough vinegar is poured over the slices to keep them covered. Store in the fridge.

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