Personalised Wedding Gifts

homemade wedding gifts

Summer wedding season can give you some fantastic occasions to dress up and raid the free bar, but attending a few of these events can get very expensive. Save money on one aspect of being a wedding guest by using your imagination for personalised wedding gifts – you will also end up with something far more original than monogrammed bath towels or champagne flutes!

Designer bottles for personalised wedding gifts

If you have a talent in the kitchen – or even if you don’t – home made cordials and liqueurs are really easy and delicious. The key is in the presentation and Wares of Knutsford’s designer bottles category provides the perfect way of presenting your personalised gift. This section is reserved for more luxurious, high quality bottles which can make any contents look rather special.

Use the bottles for home made drinks, flavoured oils or vinegars or cosmetic products. The designer bottles category includes options in clear glass in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from 100ml miniature bottles to 750ml bottles. There are traditional, rounded shapes and more avant garde modern options including a funky zig zag shaped bottle. Most are cork topped.

Having settled upon a bottle and its contents, put some thought into presentation. Always make sure you label the contents clearly, either using a pretty tag or a decorative label from Wares of Knutsford’s label selection. Alternatively you can take the personalised wedding gift idea further by using a glass pen to write the names of the recipients on the bottle and the date of their special day. You may also want to add a ribbon to the neck of the bottle.

Bath salts make great personalised wedding gifts

Encourage the newly weds to enjoy honeymoon suit bathroom with a bottle of home made bath salts. This will help them to relax and unwind after the stress of organising the wedding! Use the Sonata decorative bottles to make a really pretty gift.

Lavender rose bath salts

You will need two parts Epsom salt to one part natural sea salt, lavender and rose essential oils and a couple of spoonfuls of dried lavender and rose petals.

Add the salts to a large bowl with a couple of drops each of the essential oils and mix together well. Stir in the dried lavender and rose petals then use a funnel to transfer to the bottle.

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