Bargain Packs of Jam Jars

packs of jam jars

Wares of Kutsford’s bargain packs of jam jars are some of our most popular products, thanks to economical prices and the largest variety to be found online. Whether you are making the most of the summer’s fruits for your own larder, making gifts or buying professionally for your business, our bargain jars are the quickest and easiest way to get the job done. Buying in these larger quantities offers a significant saving upon buying smaller amounts. If you don’t need 192 jars or bottles yourself, ask your friends if they want to share the deal with you. Each pack contains 192 jars or bottles with lids.

The widest variety of packs of jam jars available online

Our bargain packs of 192 start with basic jam jars with mini size at 41ml (1.5oz), which are perfect for jams and marmalades for the breakfast table or to use as wedding favours. Lids are supplied in a choice of three colours. Basic jam jars move up through the sizes with 105ml, 228ml, 293ml and 378ml. If you’re looking for something a more decorative there are deluxe and jar packs, hexagonal, octagonal or square shapes, honey jars, chutney jars, verrine jars and jars in Bonne Maman style. The 192 bargain pack selection also includes spice jars and clip top jars, mini bottles, cosmetics jars and a 130 pack of 50ml Gladstone bottles.

Our selection of bargain packs has been carefully curated according to what our customers have told us they need, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any further suggestions. Our deliveries are carefully packed to protect them during delivery and, as usual, we apply the same flat delivery charge no matter how much you order so you can feel free to keep adding to your basket without worrying about a huge delivery charge at the end.

Buying packs of jam jars for your business

Wares of Knutsford is pleased to serve both private and business customers. Wholesale prices are available for larger orders, which are delivered on pallets. Feel free to contact our helpful and friendly staff to discuss wholesale terms.

Custom mixed packs of jam jars

If you are interested in our bargain packs but have more specific requirements, we can put together a mixed pack to suit you. Contact us to go through what you are looking for and we will happily put a price together for your custom pack.

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One thought on “Bargain Packs of Jam Jars

  1. Morning,
    I am doing a coffee morning for Macmillan Trust and am trying to put together a few things to sell to make more money for the charity.
    One of those things are jars of chutney jams curds and sweets. i’m also toying with some sloe gin….
    I know it’s a bit cheeky but do you have any spare containers that i could use?? Or even if a deal could be made between us to help me maximize my profits?
    Many thanks for any anticipated help.

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