Packaging For Preserves

Packaging for preserves

At Wares of Knutsford we make an effort to listen to what our customers want, and by popular demand we investigated the idea of preserve packaging. Jars and bottles are notoriously difficult to wrap in the traditional style and our customers were looking for a better way in which to present preserves.

Since we introduced the range, it has been hugely popular and we have even added a number of other packaging items to the department. If you are planning to give homemade preserves as gifts or to sell your own produce, the right packaging can help your jars to look smart and professional.

Boxed preserve packagingBox

Our specially designed boxes make it incredibly simple to package jars and bottles, either to give as gifts or to sell as a set. Choose from natural brown card or green. The boxes come flat packed for easy delivery and are easy to assemble at home. You can choose two- or three-jar models in small and medium sizes for standard jars, and there are also two- and three-jar versions for tall, slim jars.

Bag packaging for preservesBag

Our packaging department also contains some pretty bags specially designed to hold jars. Again, you can choose from models that hold two or three jars in extra small, small, medium and tall sizes. The bags come in a natural jute colour and are made of hessian, which is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They feature clear display windows to show off the products inside and are an easy way to turn simple jars into pretty gifts.

Tray packaging for preservesTray

If you are looking to create a bolder effect, you can use one of our card trays to create a kind of preserve hamper. The trays are available in square and rectangular shapes and in three colours – natural brown, burgundy red and olive green – with tall or shallow sides and in small, medium and large sizes.

We also supply fine cut shredded paper in brown, cream and red to help you pack out the trays to present the preserves attractively, plus brown hessian string and jute ribbon in natural and green to decorate the package. The trays can be used for all sorts of gifts in addition to jars of preserves, including all sorts of other food items, soaps or cosmetics; for example, you could give a couple of homemade chutneys with some savoury biscuits and cheese for a lovely personal gift.

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