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When it comes to home preserves, many people start by making jam. This is one of the easiest homemade things to try and the rewards from creating your own jam are fantastic. After their initial success with jam-making, many people look to canning and preserving to further extend their repertoire of delicious homemade recipes. This is where jars with screw tops really come into their own – they are ideal for canning and bottling all sorts of things, from pickled eggs and bottled peaches to homemade ketchup and good old-fashioned pickled onions. Our range of jars with screw tops covers all capacities and sizes; therefore, no matter what you decide to preserve, there is sure to be a jar to suit your needs.

The widest range of screw top jars

Just as lots of people refer to their vacuum cleaner as a ‘hoover’, people often refer to screw top jars as ‘Kilner jars’; however, there are quite a number of different manufacturers of jars with screw tops and Kilner is just one of these. Here at Wares of Knutsford we stock jars from Kilner in addition to Mason jars, Leifheit jars and the Familia Wiss range from Le Parfait. The jars from all these brands feature a heat sealable metal disc and screw band. From large jars for canning fruits and vegetables to terrine jars and small pots for lemon curd or salsa dips, there is a jar for every preserving task.

We also stock a full range of replacement metal discs and screw bands for all our jars with screw tops.

How to use your screw top jars

The possibilities for home preserving are endless and preserving can be done all year round, following the seasons. The summer months are perfect for canning surplus fruits, whilst the winter months are when mandarin oranges come into season – these are delicious preserved in syrup ready to be used in fruit salads or desserts. Grapefruit and oranges canned together make a perfect breakfast mix, especially if topped with yoghurt or creme fraiche.

If you lean towards more savoury options, try home-grown pesto, dill pickles or pickled peppers to keep your larder stocked with tasty treats all year round.

Whether you choose Kilner jars, Mason jars or jars from Leifheit or Le Parfait, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a shelf full of various preserves and canned items and the knowledge that you created them all. If you have never tried home preserving before, now is the perfect time.

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