Old-fashioned fun with vintage jam jars

Old-fashioned fun with vintage jam jars

It is impossible not to notice that the nation is currently in love with all things vintage. From vintage-themed weddings and old-fashioned tea parties to mid-century modern interior design, vintage is definitely a hot trend right now. This retro feel can also be seen in the kitchen and on tables up and down the country and we thought it would be fun to showcase some of our vintage jam jars to provide a little vintage inspiration for your own creative ideas.

Vintage jam jars and vintage jam

Years ago, many children loved visiting their grandparents, not least to see what delights might come out of granny’s pantry. This pantry usually had shelf after shelf of neatly stacked Mason jars and clip top jars filled with delicious jams and preserves. If you were lucky, a jar of jam would be opened and spread on thick slices of freshly baked bread. A jam sandwich was truly one of life’s simple pleasures back in the day, wasn’t it?

If you are thinking about making a little vintage-inspired jam, why not stock up on some of our vintage style jars and get cracking with some traditional jams from yesteryear? Quince jam is easy to make, as it has high levels of pectin. Damson and plums are often overlooked in favour of strawberries these days; however, they too make excellent jams. For something even more unusual, why not give marrow jam a try, or rose petal jelly? Using traditional Kilner jars, or some of our other vintage style jars, will help to make these vintage jams really look the part.

Another firm favourite from days gone by is raspberry vinegar. Bottled in one of our deluxe swing-top bottles, this would make a delightful gift. Raspberry vinegar is perfect drizzled over salads and can also be used in other ways; for example, pour it over Yorkshire puddings for an old-fashioned thrifty dessert or serve it on vanilla ice cream for a tasty twist.

Vintage jam jars for vintage weddings

Many of our customers use our vintage style jars as wedding accessories. A vintage-themed wedding might use our vintage sweet jars to hold wedding favours, our retro Kilner drinks dispenser to serve elderflower champagne, and our garland-design glass candle holders for tabletop decorations.

If you have caught the vintage bug, dig out your apron and your granny’s recipe book and recreate some of those long-forgotten jams and preserves, perhaps making some old-fashioned lemonade or ginger beer as an accompaniment. After all, a good dollop of nostalgia goes a long, long way.

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