New Vintage Jar Range

Vintage jar

Vintage is having a moment! Everywhere you look, elegant vintage themed weddings, restaurants, clothes and shops of all kinds are proving that our grandmothers knew best – their style has endured spectacularly well and Wares of Knutsford has put together a whole new department to focus on all things traditional.

There are vintage jars and bottles, jar covers and ribbons to help you achieve that traditional style at home or at your events.

Bronte vintage jar

The clear glass Bronte style vintage jars are familiar to everyone, usually seen full of colourful goodies in traditional sweet shops. The round, straight sided jars come in heavyweight glass with a ‘knobstopper’ style lid. Sizes are one litre, 1.4 litres, 2.8 litres and five litres, which can be bought singly or in a choice of pack sizes. Alternatively you can buy the Bronte jars in a set of four, containing one vintage jar of each size.

Bronte jars are perfect for storing your sweets, biscuits, pasta, rice, cereal, sugar and any other dried goods if you’re going for a vintage themed decor in your kitchen, however they can also be used in a number of other ways – think about storing your buttons, beads, cottons, ribbons and other crafting equipment in them. Pencils and pens, hair accessories, make up and small children’s toys can all be neatly as well as attractively organised in a row of Bronte jars.

Small and large vintage jar

The two jars that make up the ‘vintage style glass storage jar’ range are slightly more elaborate and very feminine. They start square at the bottom, tapering up to a round ‘knobstopper’ lid with an airtight seal to keep the contents fresh. Made of heavyweight clear glass, this very traditional style jar has a gentle vertical ribbed pattern up the sides. Three litre and 670ml sizes are available and both can be bought singly, while the smaller version is available in packs of three.

Perfect for kitchens, again these jars would look great in a number of other rooms – for example to store cotton wool balls and cotton buds on a dressing table.

Vintage milk bottles

The Wares of Knutsford range of vintage style milk bottles has been very popular, evoking bygone days of dandelion and burdock or cream soda. The bottles are available in 250ml and 500ml sizes or in a pack of six decorated milk bottles in a wire carrier. These quaint bottles are a cute way of encouraging children to drink milk but work equally well for water, juice or any other drink.

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