Modern baking tools

Modern baking tools

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Unless you have been living in Australia for the past few years, you can’t fail to have watched at least some episodes of The Great British Bake Off. This has done more than any other TV show to get the British public interested in baking. With the popularity of baking at an all-time high, we thought we would look at a few of our best modern baking tools to inspire you to get into the kitchen and start baking.

Basic baking tools

No self-respecting cook should be without a solid and reliable mixing bowl. Whilst the traditional stone-coloured bowls from Mason Cash are as popular as ever, the company has moved with the times and introduced some very stylish new colours. Available in pink, red, yellow, green and cream, these gorgeous bowls bring the mixing bowl right back up to date.

Another trend that is impossible not to have noticed is cupcakes. What used to be the simple fairy cake has been reborn as the indulgent and oh-so-delicious cupcake, and we all want to have a go at making our own unique cupcake creations. No cupcake is complete without flamboyant decoration and there are all sorts of gadgets and accessories to help you become a cupcake superstar. From simple cupcake and cookie decorating kits to clever fondant stamp sets for creating decorative motifs to adorn your creations, baking equipment has never been so much fun!

Clever baking tools

In addition to smart and contemporary versions of traditional baking equipment, there are plenty of modern gadgets available to help you in your baking endeavours. If you think that kitchen scales could not be improved upon, think again! The smart ‘add and weigh’ kitchen scales have a special feature that allows you to zero the weight after each ingredient is added to the weighing bowl, meaning that you can add all the ingredients at once. Another nifty gadget for home bakers is the cake tester. If you can never find a skewer and usually end up poking a knife into your cakes to see whether they are cooked, this is the gadget for you. It is a long, thin skewer with a large, round plastic disc at one end; simply push the pointed end into the cake to find out whether it is ready. The disc at the other end, labelled ‘cake tester’, means it is always easy to find in the utensils drawer.

With so many people now keen on home baking, it is clear to see that the kitchenwares market is not standing still. From icing tools to pastry cutters, there is always something new to discover.

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