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Mixing Bowls

If you’re following the current trend for baking, you’ll find that traditional is often best in the kitchen. Equip yourself with some quality basics for the most succulent roasts, flavoursome pies and fluffiest sponges.

Mixing bowls

Solid mixing bowls are useful as the weight helps to keep the bowl stable while mixing, the size and pattern allow for an easy grip and the white interior helps you to keep an eye on the consistency and colour of your mix while cooking. Mason Cash style mixing bowls have become iconic as the kind your grandmother used to use and work just as well today. It’s helpful to have about three sizes for different kinds of baking.


Traditional enamelware not only looks good, it also gives great results. Enamel roasting pans, mixing bowls and bakeware are robust and durable, easy to clean and add that pretty vintage style to your kitchen. A good-sized roasting dish is essential and a selection of enamel mugs and plates come in handy for picnics and excursions.

Pie dishes

A selection of pie dishes in varied sizes and both round and square shapes should cover you for most recipes and occasions. Enamelware or stoneware are great for oven to table use and these are practical too, as modern versions tend to be dishwasher and freezer safe. You may also want to get a pie funnel if you bake a lot of pies.

Baking tins

You will need a good selection of these. Start with a pair of 20cm sandwich tins for classic sponges, a 12 hole tin, which is good for cupcakes in addition to muffins, fairy cakes, jam tarts and other small cakes. A fluted tart tin will cover you for flans, quiches and tarts of all kinds, in 20 or 25cm sizes. Consider also a springform tin, useful for cheesecakes and a loaf tin, for all sorts of cakes in addition to bread. Finally you’ll need a good baking sheet for pastries and biscuits.

Mixers for your Mixing Bowls

If you’re serious about baking you’ll want to invest in a free-standing electric mixer. A hand-held electric beater is a more economical option and is easy to use and store if your budget is tight or your kitchen is compact. They aren’t as robust as a free-standing mixer and you can’t go off and do something else while they are in action but will certainly take a lot of the work out of food preparation. Of course, a rolling pin, spatula, sieve, a good set of scales and a set of measuring spoons are further essentials.

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