Mix it up with a protein shaker bottle

Mix it up with a protein shaker bottle

Ask people what they know about protein shakes and many will describe rippling bodybuilders at the gym who look something like Mr Universe or The Incredible Hulk; however, the reality is far from the myth. Protein shakes are a useful and balanced nutritional aid for many people, not just those musclebound hunks in the weights room.

The benefits of protein shakes

It is true that protein helps you to build muscle; however, it also boosts your metabolism, which can make a real difference in any weight loss programme. For people trying to lose weight, using protein shakes can help them to lose fat but preserve their muscle and overall body tone.

Another way in which protein shakes can help in a weight loss programme is by reducing feelings of hunger. Research in Australia has shown that consumption of whey protein reduces the level of the hormone responsible for telling your brain that you are hungry; therefore, sticking to a calorie-controlled diet could become much easier if protein shakes are included.

Protein supplements can also help to improve muscle strength. It is easy to think of those bodybuilders again, but actually many people may need to improve muscle tone or strength at some stage in their lives; for example, people recovering after injury or a period of forced inactivity or those wanting to combat the effects of aging may benefit from using protein shakes or other supplements.

Easy mixing with a protein shaker bottle

Protein shakes are the most common way of using protein on a regular basis. The protein comes in a powdered form and is usually mixed with water or milk. It is perfectly possible to stir in the protein powder in a regular bottle or beaker; however, this method can often result in a lumpy, half-mixed shake. A protein shake bottle can solve the problem instantly, giving you perfectly-mixed, flavoursome drinks that you will actually enjoy.

Our protein shake bottle comes with one compartment for holding vitamins and another compartment for holding protein powder. Simply add the powder to milk or water and get shaking. The internal spring mechanism means that the mixed shake will be lump-free! The shaker has a practical sip top lid, allowing you to drink the shake on the go. The cap is secure and reliable to prevent any spillage.

If you are thinking about trying protein shakes within your exercise or diet regime, adding a protein shaker bottle could really help. For fuss-free, lump-free protein shakes, nothing could be simpler.

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