Miniature whisky bottles – making infused whisky

Minibar bottles with ice cubes, close-up

Mini whisky bottles ideal for favours and small gifts.

Miniature whisky bottles – making infused whisky

 The trend for infused spirits has gone from strength to strength recently. Just a few short years ago, the only infusion that most people attempted was sloe gin; today, the boutique gin industry is booming. In addition, amateur enthusiasts are no longer sticking to gin; instead, they are creating inventive and delicious infusions using every sort of spirit imaginable. In today’s post, we look at making infused whisky, which is perfect for giving as a gift or using as a unique wedding favour idea.

 Mini whisky bottles as gifts

 If you plan to give your whisky infusions as gifts to friends and family, it would work out very expensive if you used full-sized bottles. Our mini whisky bottles solve the problem perfectly – simply make your infusion in a full-sized bottle and decant it into these mini whisky bottles when it is ready. You can even experiment with a few different whisky infusions to make a gift of three or four miniature bottles filled with different flavours.

 For a festive-inspired whisky treat, choose orange and vanilla to infuse your whisky. Peel two oranges, making sure to remove the white pith. Thinly slice the peel and add it to the whisky along with two vanilla pods, sliced lengthways. Leave the bottle for at least two weeks for the infusion to work its magic, then decant into mini whisky bottles and decorate with a label and ribbon.

 If you love nuts, try pecan-infused whisky. Add about 200g pecan nuts to 500ml whisky and leave for at least a week. Strain the whisky into new bottles once it has had time to infuse.

 Coffee-infused whisky is another great idea that is really simple to make. Choose top-quality coffee beans and smash them up slightly before adding to the whisky and pop a vanilla pod in to enhance the flavour. After two to three weeks, try the infusion to see whether it has reached a taste level that you are happy with. If it has, strain it into new bottles and impress your friends and family with this luxurious and professional-tasting treat.

 Wedding favours in miniature whisky bottles

 Infused whisky is also hugely popular as a sophisticated and grown-up wedding favour idea. If the wedding is a summer one, using cherries or peaches to infuse the whisky is a great idea. A miniature bottle at every place setting at the wedding reception will impress guests and show off your creativity. With wedding favours such as these, your guests will be delighted to toast the happy couple!


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