20ml Miniature Spirit Bottle

miniature spirit bottle

Our popular 20ml mini spirit bottle can be used to give away product samples and to make favours for weddings and other parties.

A holiday treat in a miniature spirit bottle

Make some little stocking fillers for Christmas or gifts for party bags using a 20ml mini spirit bottle. Simply fill the little bottle with tiny sweets such as sherbet pips, rainbow sprinkles or jelly tots. Tie some pretty coloured twine around the neck of the bottle to make it a unique looking pendant.

Use a miniature spirit bottle in a doll’s house

Make drinks bottles for a little girl’s dolly by filling tiny bottles with some coloured water and attaching a label you have designed to make it look like wine, lemonade, milk or sauce. You can also remove the lid from a mini spirit bottle and fill it with tiny flowers to make a little dolly vase.

Children’s parties

Use a miniature spirit bottle to help set the theme at children’s birthday parties. Fill the bottle with pretty pink cordial and attach a ‘Drink Me’ label, or fill with golden glitter and label the bottle ‘Pirate Gold’. You can also make up some green and gloomy water using food colouring and fill the bottles with witches’ potions for Hallowe’en. Use white glitter to make a little bottle of ‘Fairy Dust’ or blue sequins to make ‘Mermaid Scales’.

Miniature spirit bottle bead transfer game

This is a great way to help your toddler work on his or her fine motor skills. You will need a bowl of small beads in a variety of colours. Line the bottles up and ask your child to put the beads into the bottles, separated by colour. Older children can play the same game by using a small spoon or pair of tweezers to make the transfer.

Take your own salt

Bloody Mary devotees know that there’s no substitute for real celery salt in this drink, but it can be hard to find a properly made Bloody while out and about. Real Bloody Mary aficionados carry their own tiny supply of real celery salt with them in a small bottle so that they can season their drink properly.

A 20ml miniature bottle is ideal for this purpose. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson claims that she keeps little bottles of her favourite condiments in her bag to use out and about and also beside the bed for late night snacking. Apparently Maldon salt, English mustard, Tabasco, chilli sauce and soy sauce are her essentials.

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