Miniature bottles

Miniature bottles

Back in the 1970s, ‘miniatures’ containing spirits were perhaps considered a little naff. For many people, they still conjure up memories of slightly eccentric aunts or uncles getting tipsy on them at Christmas; however, it is fair to say that miniature glass bottles are now back in fashion and making an appearance in some very unexpected locations. In today’s post, we look at how some people are using these bottles as wedding favours and others are getting creative with both the contents of the bottles and the outside decoration to make inspired and thoughtful gifts or ornaments and accessories for the home.

Miniature bottles for wedding favours

Glass bottle wedding favor christening on old wooden table

Miniatures are very much on trend as wedding favours. Forget about those 1970s miniatures filled with advocaat, sickly cherry brandy or Campari, as today’s wedding couples have gone upmarket with their miniature ideas. Think premium aged whisky from the finest distilleries, premium vodkas, and the very best aperitifs.

Creative couples are also personalising their miniatures by creating their own unique infused spirits to bottle in these miniature glass bottles. From rhubarb-infused gin or the old favourite sloe gin to raspberry vodka and pineapple-infused rum, couples are really getting imaginative when it comes to creating a personal touch for their big day. Topped with a handmade label or gift tag, and perhaps a ribbon or bow, these bottles look so sophisticated and stylish.

We stock a huge range of miniature glass bottles, from traditional whisky miniatures to mini wine bottles and fun miniatures, such as our 100ml Nocturne bottles and our 70ml swing stopper bottles. If you are thinking of using these bottles for your own wedding favours, check out our range today for some creative inspiration.

Miniature bottles for gifts and creative ideas

There are plenty of ways you can use these bottles for gifts or home accessories. Delicious homemade infused spirits work just as well as gifts for friends and family, of course, as they do as wedding favours. Try making a batch of different flavours and spirits and giving a mixed set of three or five as a gift. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, this could be just the thing for a more unusual gift.

If you like a few drops of essential oils in your bath, why not make up a few ‘potion jars’ using these bottles to have to hand when you want a relaxing soak? Alternatively, try your hand at decoupage and adorn the outsides of the bottles to make unusual ornaments.

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