Miniature bottles for wedding favours

Miniature bottles for wedding favours 

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Spring is here, which can only mean one thing – it is well and truly wedding season. From romantic country weddings in stunning outdoor locations to chic urban weddings in smart, city-centre hotels, brides and grooms up and down the country are preparing to tie the knot in the coming months. Whether you are just a few weeks away from your wedding but have not yet sorted out your wedding favours or you are still at the planning stages, today’s post will be of interest as we are taking a look at our range of mini bottles, including miniature whisky bottles, wine bottles and shaped bottles with corks. These all make excellent choices for wedding favours, so let’s explore some inspired ideas for using them.

Miniature bottles filled with homemade drinks

With vintage-inspired weddings still very much on trend, making your own wines or alcoholic infusions to give as wedding favours is a great idea. The miniature flask bottles work really well as favours, with their flat fronts perfect for your hand-designed labels with details of the happy couple and the date of the wedding. Filled with elderflower cordial or rhubarb gin, these bottles will look delightful and taste divine.

If homemade wine is more your style, we have the perfect miniature bottle for you. Shaped in the style of a full-sized wine bottle, this clear glass mini version has a screw cap and a 50ml capacity. Whether you choose plum wine or elderberry wine or go for something a little more unusual, such as potato wine or banana wine, choosing the right bottle will go a long way towards making sure your favours look every bit as stylish and professional as commercially-available alternatives.

Labelling your miniature bottles Mini Flask 2

Having spent time and effort on making the wine or infusion for your wedding favours, it is important to get the finishing touches just right so that the bottles look truly stunning once placed on the wedding tables. We have a range of miniature labels that are perfectly suited for our miniature whisky bottles, wine bottles, and all the other mini bottles in our range. Practise on a few spare labels first to ensure you have the styling and spacing right before writing out your labels for real.

We hope this post has given some inspiration to those of you who are planning your wedding in the coming months. Whether you opt for homemade wine or a delicious infused spirit, be sure to check out our range of bottles in which to present these favours.

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