Miniature bottles for gifts

Miniature bottles for gifts 

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It seems like barely any time has passed since we were blogging about spring and the fruit and vegetables growing in the garden, waiting to be harvested in summer for turning into all sorts of tasty pickles and preserves. Suddenly, it is October and our thoughts are turning inevitably towards Christmas and the gift-giving season. Since nothing shows thought and care more than a homemade gift, today we thought we would talk about some ideas for giving miniature drinks as Christmas presents to friends and family.

Miniature bottles of homemade drinks

If you gather your sloes now and make up a batch of sloe gin, it will be ready to decant into smaller bottles just before Christmas. In addition to sloe gin, why not make some other flavours so that you can create gift sets of three or more different bottles? Try lemon gin, plum gin or even pomegranate gin. For a seasonal flavour, autumn berries are a good choice – think blackberries, hips, and frozen raspberries or redcurrants. Another great Christmas idea is a chocolate and vanilla gin, made by adding a vanilla pod and cacao nibs to the gin. This recipe is great for a last-minute gift, as it does not need to infuse over a period of weeks like sloe gin. Just make it a day or two before you want to give your gift and hope that the recipient invites you to share this delicious treat!

A great seasonal idea for whisky is apple and cinnamon infused whisky. Add roughly chopped apples to a jar, cores and all, with a cinnamon stick and sugar or honey. Pour whisky over and allow to infuse for three to five weeks before bottling in miniature whisky bottles.

Our range of miniature bottles 

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From miniature whisky bottles to tiny 50ml liqueur bottles, our range of small glass bottles covers every option. There are diminutive flask bottles and fancier options, such as the Nocturne bottle with a cork stopper and the slender Esmeralda and Opera bottles. Whether you want to create some infused spirits, a homemade wine or even a cordial, there is a bottle to suit your project. Mini bottles work well as gifts when you group them together in sets of three or five, with a different flavour of drink in each bottle if possible. Labelled neatly, and with a decorative ribbon to set the whole thing off, this type of gift looks every bit as professional as the shop-bought alternatives and the recipient will be especially touched that you went to the trouble of making such a thoughtful homemade gift.

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