Miniature Bottles For Wedding Favours!

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Our best seller “Gladstone Bottle” ideal for wedding favours.

Miniature bottles for wedding favours

 Spring is just around the corner, and love is in the air. It might seem cold and miserable outside right now, but we are fast approaching the spring wedding season. If you are planning to get married this spring or at Easter and have not yet decided on your wedding favours, read on for some inspiring ideas on using some of our small bottles.

Miniature bottles and wedding favour ideas

 We stock a comprehensive range of small bottles to suit all sorts of drinks and ideas, and our most popular miniature bottle is the 50ml Gladstone bottle with corks. We never cease to be amazed at the creativity of our wedding couples, who keep coming up with novel and exciting ways to use these bottles as wedding favours.

 Damson gin and sloe gin are firm favourites with wedding couples, whilst others have gone for a cocktail theme, creating individual margaritas or pina coladas in these charming little bottles. Topped off with a cute label and a drinking straw, they are bound to impress wedding guests no matter what style of wedding you are planning.

 We have also seen our Gladstone bottles used for non-drinks wedding favours. From a single dried rose in each bottle to a sprinkling of scented petals, flowers work well as favours and add a romantic and whimsical touch to wedding tables. Candles, sweets and herbs have also been used to create unique and highly-personalised wedding favours in these bottles.

 Miniature bottles for infused spirits

 Another favourite in our range of small bottles is our miniature whisky bottles. Particularly popular with Scottish couples, these miniature whisky bottles are filled with the bride and groom’s favourite tipple, often topped off with a tartan-themed label or tag or a Scottish thistle. From popular mainstream brands to tiny, off-the-beaten-track distilleries from the Highlands and Islands, our wedding couples take a lot of time and care in choosing the right whisky and the right bottles for their wedding favours.

 Couples who are looking for a homemade twist often choose to infuse their spirits before bottling them in our miniature bottles. From apple-infused brandy to spiced bourbon or homemade cream liqueurs, it is easy to get creative with spirits and give your wedding favours a unique twist and something of a kick at the same time!

 Many of our small bottles are available in bulk packs, with the Gladstone and whisky bottles both available in bumper packs of 130 bottles. These packs represent very good value for money, meaning there is no need to worry about blowing the wedding budget.


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