Miniature Bottles – recipes and ideas

Miniature Bottles – recipes and ideas 

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When it comes to wedding preparations, it can be almost as hard to choose your wedding favours as it is to choose the venue for your big day or even your wedding dress. In today’s post, we look at ideas for using miniature whisky bottles and other miniatures to create unique and personal favours that will be very well received on your wedding day.

Miniature bottles of whisky

For a decadent and oh-so-grown-up wedding day treat, an individual shot-size bottle of whisky for each guest will make a fabulous favour and one that is sure to be appreciated. Whether you choose to fill your bottles with the finest single malts from the best-known distilleries, such as Talisker, Jura or Aberlour, or you go for a blended whisky and make it your own by infusing herbs, spices or other ingredients, miniature whisky bottles are a popular choice throughout the UK – especially when either the bride or groom comes from Scotland.

Whilst the purists will say that whisky can only be properly appreciated neat and unadulterated, for some the taste is just a little too boisterous when served in this way. For something a little quirkier, why not try a whisky-based infusion? We think a whisky infused with honey, ginger, vanilla and brown sugar sounds divine, and we are confident that we are not the only ones. For something truly unusual, go for a whisky sour recipe, adding lime, star anise, honey and hot jalapeno peppers to your whisky. This recipe is guaranteed to have a kick to it, so be sure to taste it well in advance of your wedding day to make sure it is lively without being too powerful.

A wide variety of miniature bottles

Whisky may not be to everyone’s tastes, of course, and you may wish to offer some non-alcoholic favours to your younger guests or any non-drinkers amongst your wedding party. We have a huge range of miniature glass bottles available to suit all kinds of drinks. Our heart-shaped mini swing top bottles are very romantic and perfect for weddings. Fill them with a homemade cordial or the freshest apple juice for a thirst-quenching treat instead of alcohol.

Other miniatures we stock include mini wine bottles, mini flask bottles, and a whole host of uniquely shaped bottles that will look gorgeous decorated to match your wedding theme. Our Gladstone mini bottles are one of our bestsellers and would work brilliantly with an infused gin, such as rhubarb gin, blackberry and apple gin, or even lavender gin.

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