Mini Whisky Bottles

Mini Whisky BottlesMini Whisky Bottles

Everyone loves to receive a homemade gift; in addition, many of us love making these homemade gifts. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration and new ideas for what to give this coming Christmas, look no further – we have some great suggestions for ways to fill our small empty whisky bottles. If you are planning your wedding, you should also read on for some great ideas on using these mini bottles as wedding favours.

Using mini whisky bottles for Christmas gifts

Whilst purists may disagree, whisky is something of a wintertime treat for many of us. There is nothing more comforting on a cold evening than sitting by a roaring log fire with a warming glass of whisky, which makes these mini bottles the perfect Christmas gift. Rather than simply filling them with standard whisky, why not try an infused whisky to give the gift that personal touch?

Granted, whisky is less easy to use for an infused spirit than gin or vodka, as it has its own much more distinctive taste to start with. With a little creative thinking, however, some really good tastes can be achieved. Try orange and vanilla infused whisky, or apple and cinnamon for a real Christmassy aroma and a delicious taste. Another winter favourite is honey and ginger infused whisky, which has the advantage of potentially being something of a cold remedy into the bargain.

To present these mini whisky bottles as a charming gift, try giving them as a set of three or five mixed flavours nestled in a presentation box with paper or raffia packing.

Using mini whisky bottles as wedding favours

Today’s bride and groom want to be involved in every small detail of their wedding, with the details on the wedding tables no exception. Wedding favours get ever more creative and we are seeing a big trend for giving something a little more unusual. One customer told us that they used these mini bottles for favours at their wedding, with the men receiving a bottle of whisky and the women receiving a bottle containing damson gin.

It is not essential to put whisky in these little bottles, as they are suitable for all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic infusions. For a real taste of summer, try strawberry tequila, mango vodka or raspberry infused gin.

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to fill these dinky empty whisky bottles. All you need is some spirits, some simple fresh ingredients and a splash of imagination!

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