Mini labels for small jars and bottles

Mini labels for small jars and bottles mini label 2

Whilst some people believe that big is best, there are plenty of others who prefer the idea of the best things coming in small packages. When it comes to homemade gifts, we think smaller items work particularly well. Instead of giving a whopping 2lb jar of marmalade or chutney, for example, why not create a group of three smaller jars of preserves? These will look fabulous as a gift set. In today’s blog post, we offer some ideas for home preserve gift sets and show how the right jam jar labels can make all the difference.

Mini labels make small jars look fabulous  mini label 3

If you are planning to make gifts of your jams, pickles and chutneys, presentation is almost as important as the flavour of the preserve. A secondhand jam jar with a hastily written computer label on the front looks like you have hastily cast around in the pantry for something to give as a present, whereas a beautifully presented set of three mini jars, each with a different tempting preserve inside and loving labelled with just the right jam jar labels, will show the recipient that you have spent time and effort creating something lovely and unique.

A trio of hedgerow preserves makes an interesting and unusual gift – try one pot of crab apple jelly, one pot of apple and blackberry jam, and one pot of rowan jelly. Choose some of our lovely mini jam jars and set these off perfectly with some colourful mini jam jar labels. To top the whole gift off, why not pop the three jars into one of our gift bags or boxes for the perfect presentation?

Our range of mini labels

In addition to our extensive range of traditionally-sized labels, we have quite a few rather lovely mini label designs. These are perfect for smaller jars and bottles and are especially useful for wedding favours, as you would typically use quite a small jar or bottle. Some of the designs from the always-popular Rosemary’s Garden range of labels are available in mini sizes and we also carry tiny labels featuring a Union Jack design and a design shaped like a tiara, which works brilliantly for weddings.

Whatever the occasion, and whatever preserve or infusion you plan to make, do check out our label range and particularly these smaller labels. First impressions count, especially with homemade gifts, so make sure your creative gifts really make an impact and impress anyone who is lucky enough to receive one.

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