Milk bottles are trending

Milk bottles are trending

Organic cold-pressed raw vegetable juices in glass bottlesOrganic cold-pressed raw vegetable juices in glass bottles

Everyone of a certain age feels a little nostalgia for those old-school milk bottles that were handed out every day in infant school. Some loved the daily drink of slightly warm milk, while others loathed it; however, thinking back to those days tends to stir up fond memories of childhood for everyone. The good news is that vintage-inspired milk bottles are in fashion right now and are being used for everything from crafts to chic drinking vessels. In today’s post, we take a look at some clever ideas for using these cute glass milk bottles.

Craft ideas using glass milk bottles

We have recently seen some very cute Christmas craft ideas using dinky glass milk bottles. Try painting the insides of the bottles white and adding sprigs of holly with berries to the bottles. Decorated with ribbons and grouped in threes, these make simple but effective Christmas decorations.

Another great idea is to again paint the insides of the vases but this time use decoupage to decorate the outside. Once complete, these bottles make gorgeous vases for a single flower stem or perhaps a small posy of wild flowers.

Small milk bottles also make lovely containers for gifts. Fill these bottles with sweets, homemade bath salts or dried herbs, such as lavender or rosemary, for a simple gift that looks right on trend.

Party serving ideas using glass milk bottles

These cute little bottles are not just for crafts. Just as Mason jars have become very popular as drinking jars, the humble milk bottle has also had a new lease of life as a drinking vessel. We have some great bottles with polka dot lids and colour-matched drinking straws that are perfect for parties – children and adults alike love them! These bottles are even available in a set of four, all neatly contained in a cute metal milk bottle holder just like in the old days.

Using these small milk bottles would work brilliantly at a wedding reception, either to hold wedding favours or to serve a toast of elderflower champagne, for example. If you are holding a grown-up party, they would also suit cocktails or liqueurs, especially if these drinks were milk or cream based.

Try a homemade milk liqueur using milk, vodka, oranges and a lemon for something quite out of the ordinary! A homemade Irish cream liqueur is also easy to make using whiskey, condensed milk, coffee, vanilla extract and almond extract. This could become a firm favourite at Christmas parties this year and it is a great excuse for ordering some of our cute milk bottles.

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