Milk bottles for parties

Milk bottles for parties

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When it comes to organising parties, whether for adults or children, it is often the small details that really make a difference and show that you have put a lot of time and thought into the event. From the overall theme of your party down to what you choose to serve your drinks in, every element adds to the overall effect and combines to make a party something to remember. In today’s post, we take a look at glass milk bottles and how they can be used creatively.

Milk bottles for children’s parties

With a little imagination, small glass milk bottles can add a fun twist to children’s parties. For winter parties, use glue dots to add three buttons to the outside of the bottle and fix a small felt scarf around the neck. Fill the bottle with milk and hey presto, your bottles have turned into mini snowmen! Add a striped straw and pop some ring biscuits or a mini doughnut over the top of the straw to rest on the lip of the bottle. What child could resist milk and sweet treats presented in such a cute way?

In addition to plain milk, milk shakes are always popular at parties. Jazz up a plain milkshake by dipping the rim in melted chocolate and pressing this firmly into a dish of sprinkles, also known as hundreds and thousands. Again, top with a straw for a fun and colourful effect that children will adore.

Milk bottles for grown-up parties

These cute glass milk bottles are not just for children. They work just as brilliantly at grown-up parties, showing off your creative cocktails through the glass. For a rich and decadent treat, try chocolate martinis or coconut mojitos. You can still decorate the rim of the bottles as we described above; however, instead of sprinkles, try toasted coconut or finely chopped almond flakes.

Our larger milk bottles might be a little on the big side for serving drinks, but they can still be put to good use at parties. Use them as vases in groups of three to five for simple arrangements of cut flowers or twigs. Alternatively, wind a string of tiny LED lights inside a bottle to provide a simple lighting solution. This kind of thing really works well with the vintage-inspired and back-to-basics themes that are so on trend.

If you have a party coming up soon, why not check out our range of glass milk bottles to see how they could add a certain something to your event?

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