Milk Bottle Surprises

Various flavors of milk in bottles with chocolate and strawberries isolated on white

Milk bottles containing various flavoured milks.

Milk bottle surprises

 The days of the friendly milkman delivering fresh milk to the door in glass bottles each day are sadly long gone; however, if the thought of the old-fashioned glass milk bottle makes you feel nostalgic, you are in for a treat. Traditional milk bottles are still available to use at home for everything from homemade drinks to craft projects and here we look at some inspiring milk bottle ideas.

 Milk bottles in a range of sizes

 Back in the days of the electric milk float, bottles typically came in two sizes – the smaller size that schoolchildren were given each day and the standard pint bottle. Nowadays, whilst your daily pint typically comes in a plastic carton from the supermarket, it is still possible to source bottles for home projects and these come in a wider range of sizes. The smallest bottle is a dinky 60ml bottle, then come bottles in 250ml and 330ml sizes. Next up is the 500ml size and finally the one-litre bottle. With so many sizes available, there really is a bottle to suit whatever creative idea you come up with.

 Getting creative with milk bottles

 If you have fallen in love with the idea of using a glass milk bottle or two for your projects, here are some fun ideas to spark your imagination. The mini bottles, at 60ml, are perfect for serving individual shots of homemade drinks, such as coffee or chocolate liqueurs. Topped off with a pretty tag, these could work well as stylish wedding favours.

 The 250ml and 330ml sizes are perfect for craft projects. Try painting a set of three bottles with some of the pretty chalk paints that are so fashionable these days to create a unique set of small vases. Place a single bright flower, such as a gerbera, in each bottle for a pretty display that really delivers in the style stakes, or perhaps a sprig of foliage.

 Another cool idea is to get hold of some ‘sea glass’ paint from a craft store. This clever spray-on paint gives the effect of glass that has been weathered to a semi-translucent finish by the sea. In no time at all, you can create bottles that genuinely look like they have been washed ashore. Bottles given this treatment would be perfect for a romantic ‘message in a bottle’ craft project and could even make a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift!

 Of course, a milk bottle is also perfect for serving milk-based drinks. Why not make your own fabulous milkshakes for party treats or just for a fun project with the children?


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