Set of Four Milk Bottles and Straws

milk bottle set

We are pleased to introduce another new product for the spring and summer seasons: a colourful milk bottle set with straws and its own metal holder.

200ml glass milk bottle set with holder

These colourful miniature milk bottles are a new product from Wares of Knutsford and join our increasingly popular milk bottles range. Milk bottles are both practical and pretty, adding to a retro or vintage theme and ideal for both storage and for serving drinks. This milk bottles and straw set includes four 200ml clear glass bottles in a traditional milk bottle shape, each with a different coloured lid and matching straw. The metal twist off caps come in red, green, blue and yellow with white polka dots and a hole in the middle for the matching straw, which is made of sturdy plastic.

The bottles come in a white metal holder with an integrated handle. The holder looks great for storage and also makes it easy to carry the bottles around as a group. These fun bottles are ideal for children’s events at home or away; alternatively, they could be used for picnics, barbecues and beach parties this summer. The twist off lids mean drinks can be easily transported and keep flies and wasps out.

Use this cute set of bottles to serve not only milk but also water, smoothies, fruit juices and cordials, milkshakes, and iced teas and iced coffees, both at home and while out and about this summer. The different coloured lids will help children to identify which drink is theirs and might even encourage them to drink more water and milk or fruit juice rather than fizzy drinks! You can also buy the different coloured bottles separately.

350ml milk bottle set

If you are serving drinks to adults or are trying to match a simpler theme, try the 350ml clear glass milk bottle set, which comes with white metal twist off lids and black and white striped straws, in its own white painted wooden crate. The set includes four bottles, which are also available individually in the same style in 450ml size.

Alternatively, you can buy milk bottles individually and in a variety of sizes and choices of lid colours. Bottles come in 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1-litre sizes and can be bought singly or in packs. You can also buy straws, which help to prevent mess when giving the bottles to children!

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