How to Create a Memory Jar

memory jar

In years gone by people used to create scrapbooks to record their memories of holidays, places, people and events. Scrapbooking has gone out of fashion rather but the idea of saving your memories is charming. Th modern way to do it is in memory jars.

Good times memory jar

This is one of the simplest ways to give yourself a boost at any time. As the year passes, every time something good happens you should write it down on a small piece of paper. This can be gifts you were given, goals you accomplished, funny moments or simple things that made you smile. Fold or roll the paper and put it into a large Mason jar. Use glass paint to decorate the outside of the jar with the year – 2016 and so on. At the end of the year, open the jar and read about what a wonderful year you’ve had – of course if you’re feeling a bit low at some point before the end of the year you can always open up the jar earlier to push away the black cloud.

Days out and holidays memory jars

This is a great way for kids to relive days out or holidays. Collect up all the little souvenirs and mementoes you accumulate and keep them all in a large Kilner or Mason style jar. Twigs and bits of leaf, pebbles and shells, tickets and photos, beads, drawings, maps and brochures. Anything that was part of your day out or holiday can go in the jar. Make sure you label the jar with the date and any other relevant details.

Wedding memory jar

A cute alternative to a wedding guest book is to ask your guests to write messages on pieces of paper, then roll or fold them and place them into a memory jar. This can be a memory of how you know each other, an experience you have shared or their advice and tips for a happy married life! On your anniversary, open the jar and read what your guests wrote and remember your big day and your lives together.

Sand memory jar

If you travel a lot you can create a jar that both reminds you of your travels and looks pretty on the shelf. Collect a small jar of sand from every beach you visit and layer the in a large glass jar. You’ll notice every layer of sand is slightly different in colour and texture. Apply a label with the name of the beach and the date to correspond with each layer.

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