Christmas Mason Jar Ideas

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There are so many things to make with mason jars, we just love them! There’s so much you can do with them, particularly at this time of year, when they are so useful for small gifts when you’ve run out of ideas or forgotten someone! Use these Christmas mason jars for decorating around your home and keep a few handy for last minute gift ideas.

Decorative things to make with mason jars

Some of the simplest, cheapest and most effective Xmas decorations can be made from mason jars. As a start, take a few jars and cut out a couple of Christmassy silhouettes – trees, reindeers and stars, for examples. Lightly glue them to the outside of the jars then spray the rest of the glass with some snow spray. Carefully remove the sticker, then pour salt into the bottom of the jar to about an inch from the bottom. Sit a candle on the salt snow and watch it flicker through the clear silhouette you have left. These look beautiful on window sills and shelves. Similarly, leave the glass clear except for a bit of frosting around the rim, then tie a couple of pine cones, sprigs of fresh rosemary or Christmas baubles around the rim with brown string or sparkly ribbon. Again pour about an inch of salt snow into the bottom of the jar and light your candle inside it.

You can also create tiny Christmas mason jar landscapes. Lay a snowy base in the bottom of the jar using cotton wool, then stick some small winter figures inside – snowmen, reindeer and elves, for example. Maybe add a twig or a sprig of rosemary as a tree with some tiny red beads as berries. Screw the lid on and cover it with some jute and fasten a ribbon around the lid to decorate.

Gift things to make with mason jars

A visit to the sweet shop and the craft shop can result in some very cute Christmas mason jars which make lovely little gifts. Fill the jars with chocolate truffles, chocolate buttons, chocolate covered raisins or some other small, chocolatey sweets. Stick a strip of brown paper around the body of the jar then stick a couple of eyes and a little red button nose in the centre of the jar. Form a couple of brown pipe cleaners into reindeer antlers and stick them to the lid of the jar, then decorate with a strip of red ribbon around the rim.

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