Mason jar solar lights

Mason jar solar lights  

A Rustic Mason Jar Chandelier in an old barn.

When we think of Mason jars, we tend to imagine them filled with all manner of tasty delights from scrumptious strawberry jam to preserved lemons and pickled gherkins. These iconic jars are ideal for so much more than home preserving, however, and there are so many fabulous and creative ideas for how to use them for craft and home decor projects. Today, we are going to look at one such Mason jar project: how to make solar lights for the garden or porch using these jars.

Solar lights for Mason jars

In past blog posts, we have talked about making Mason jar lights using tealights placed inside the jars. These look fantastic and are great for an occasional outdoor party or evening spent on the patio; however, if you want your lights to work every evening, it makes sense to use solar lights instead.

If you do not already have a Mason jar or two to use for this project, check out our online store – we have a huge range in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whilst we can’t find a way to make your own mini solar panel to go on the lid of the jars, Mason jar solar lids are readily available on the internet from places such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Just make sure you buy the right size solar lids for the jars you intend to use.

These solar lid packs tend to come with a string of LED fairy lights attached. You simply place the string of lights inside the Mason jar and clip the solar panel piece into place before screwing on the original Mason jar outer band. Put the Mason jar in position, ensuring that it gets plenty of sunlight, and wait for nightfall. At dusk, your jar will turn into a pretty light display. Positioned along a wall or suspended from low branches in a tree, these jars will look magical.

Decorating your Mason jars

The LED light strings that are attached to the solar lid pieces for these jars are super-pretty as they are, but you can go one step further by decorating the jar itself. One cool idea is to tape stencil shapes to the sides of the jar and spray frosting paint all over the jar before removing the stencils to leave clear silhouettes to let the light shine through. If stencils sound too difficult, just place paper tape around the jar and spray to give a fun, stripy finish.

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