Things to Make from Mason Jars

mason jar crafts

We may be slightly obsessed with preserving here at Wares of Knutsford, but never let it be said that we lack imagination… As far as we are concerned, there is no limit to the amount of fun you can have with mason jar ideas!

Herb garden mason jar crafts

Mason jar herb gardens are as beautiful as they are useful. An old fashioned kitchen garden is great but when it’s pouring down with rain outside, most of us simply pop open the dried herb jar instead of going out with scissors to cut fresh herbs. Growing your herbs inside circumnavigates this llittle dilemma, and the prettiest way to do it is in mason jars. Fill a series of mason jars with some good potting compost mixed with a little perlite, then plant with your herbs – it’s fascinating watching the plants’ root growth through the glass. You can then group your herb jars together in a wooden tray, line them up on a shelf or make a hanging herb garden by nailing metal jubilee clips to a length of wooden board on the wall and fastening the jars within the jubilee clip loops.

Mason jar lamp base

This mason jar craft idea requires drilling a hole in glass so some equipment and skill is required, but the results are great! Glass lamp bases are very popular right now and you can make your own unique version with a mason jar. The first step is to (very carefully!) drill a hole in the wall of the jar, at the bottom for lighting cable to pass through. Fix a light fitting into the neck of the jar and pass the cable through and out of the hole you have drilled, then fit to a plug. Fit a lampshade and a bulb onto your light fitting.

Xmas mason jar crafts

There are all sorts of mason jar crafts you can do to make unique and budget friendly Christmas decorations. Start with a table centrepiece for Xmas dinner: use a glue gun to place a strip of glue around the neck of a mason jar. Wrap a piece or brown twine a few times around the neck of the jar and use the twine and the glue to fix a Christmas decoration of your choice to the jar – a piece of fir tree with holly berries is always cute. Once the glue has dried, pour some salt into the jar to fill about an inch up from the base, then place a candle onto your salt ‘snow’.

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