10 crafty ideas for Mason jars

Mason jar crafts

Here are some of the most creative ways in which our customers have used their Mason jars.

Mason jar crafts: tissue holder

Cut a two- to three-centimetre circle from the centre of your Mason jar lid. Put a pack of tissues in the jar and feed the first one gently through the hole before replacing the lid to make an attractive holder to neatly dispense tissues.

Other Mason jar crafts

Salt and pepper shakers

Similar to the tissue holder, carefully cut out a series of small holes in the lids of two jars to turn them into salt and pepper shakers.

Soap dispenser

You can also turn your jar into a soap dispenser by cutting a small hole in the lid and inserting a liquid pump dispenser.

Pendant light

Make a slightly bigger hole in the lid and insert a light fitting. Screw in a bulb and you have a funky and unusual light fitting.

Make your own hot chocolate mix

One of the best Mason jar crafts involves mixing up an epic hot chocolate mix and presenting it as a gift in a decorated jar, topped with a thin mint and some mini marshmallows.

Candle holder

Paint the inside of your jar with some clear glue, pour in some silver glitter and shake it around the jar so that it sticks more or less evenly to the glue. Place a tea light in the bottom of the jar to make a sparkly candle ornament.

Mason jar oil lamps

Carefully cut a hole in the lid of your Mason jar and thread through a length of thick cotton string, leaving about three centimetres above the lid. Fill the jar halfway with oil for burning, replace the lid and allow the string to soak up the oil before lighting it.

Herb jars

Grow your herbs in Mason jars in the kitchen – it is fascinating to watch the plants grow.

Piggy bank

Cut a slit the size of any UK coin in the lid and let your child to see their savings grow through the glass. If you let your child decorate the piggy bank jar, this makes one of the most fun ideas for Mason jar crafts we have come across.

Toothbrush holder

Cut a toothbrush handle-sized hole in the lid for each member of your family to make an original and attractive bathroom accessory.

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