Mason Drinking Jars Perfect for Summer

mason drinking jars

Mason Drinking Jars Range

The Wares of Knutsford Mason jars range has always been excellent for an extremely wide variety of uses, but now features some new additions. These jam jars with handles were inspired by the way people use jars to hold drinks at events such as picnics and BBQs, thanks to the tight fitting lids that help to keep the contents safe. The new Mason drinking jars with handles make the process that much easier, coming in a 450ml size, heavyweight clear glass with a chunky handle. You can buy the jars with a choice of two different coloured lids or without a lid and in four different pack sizes for bulk buying economy.

Mason drinking jars for a picnic

The temperature is rising and summer picnics and BBQs will be starting soon. These jars are a far more elegant and stylish alternative to plastic bottles and cups and seal tightly to avoid any spillages. Add a quaint, Famous Five-esque touch to your outings with this refreshing, summery ginger beer based drink served in Mason drinking jars:

Ginger beer, apple and vanilla punch

  • 1 litre ginger beer
  • 500ml apple juice, chilled
  • 500ml vodka
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Add the ginger beer, apple juice, vodka, vanilla extract and lime together and stir well, then pour into the jam jars with handles. Add a lime wedge, a couple of apple slices and a couple of thin slices of fresh ginger then screw the lid on tightly and keep chilled before serving.

Peach and citrus cooler

This refreshing, non-alcoholic cooler can easily be made more adult by swapping the peach nectar for peach schnapps.

  • Juice of two lemons and two limes
  • 1 lemon and 1 lime, thinly sliced
  • 300ml peach nectar
  • 300ml cloudy lemonade
  • 300ml sparkling water

Add the lemon and lime juices, peach nectar, lemonade and sparkling water to a large jug and stir well to combine. Pour into the jars with some slices of strawberry and a sprig of fresh mint. Seal and try to keep cool before serving.

Tropical fizz

  • 300ml sparkling apple juice
  • 300ml exotic fruit juice
  • 300ml sparkling water

Pour all three drinks, chilled, into a large jug and mix together. Pour into the Mason jars and add some strawberry halves, chopped kiwi fruit and a pineapple ring before sealing. Try to keep cool before serving.

Remember to pack some drinking straws!

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