Mason drinking jars with handles

kilner-drinkingMason drinking jars with handles

The trend for using Mason jars to serve drinks began a few years ago in East London’s hipster hotspot of Hoxton. Bars here began serving cool cocktails in Mason jars, just to be different. The trend rapidly caught on and spread throughout the capital and eventually across the country. The fashion for Mason drinks jars is now well and truly mainstream, with customers snapping them up for use at home. From birthday parties and summer barbecues to DIY wedding parties, Mason drinks jars can definitely add a special touch.

Standard Mason drinking jars

Our standard drinking jars are 450ml in size and come with a lid with a hole for a straw. Their sturdy handles make them comfortable to hold and the lid is great for minimising spills and keeping out those creepy-crawlies at outdoor events. There are plain gold lids, red gingham lids, and even lids with designs such as flowers. The 450ml size makes these jars ideal for serving everything from fruit punch and cocktails to beer and cider. The non-drinkers are not left out either, as iced tea or iced coffee looks fabulous served in these Mason drinking mugs.

Fancy Mason drinking jars

In addition to our basic range of drinking jars, we have some fancy options. If you would like a little colour, for example, we have packs comprising two red, two blue and two green jars, all with vintage-inspired lettering on the front to give an authentic retro feel.

The drinking jars in our Kilner range are 400ml in size and come in blue, green, pink and clear. There is also an adorable ‘fruit cocktail’ design in the Kilner range, with the jar decorated with a colourful fruity pattern, and a ‘fruit punch’ design, again with a bright and breezy fruit design on the jar.

To complement our Mason drinks jars, we have a range of glass drinks dispensers. Again, these come in a range of different colours and styles and sit perfectly with our drinking jars to create a delightful overall impression.

Whether you are planning a big barbecue for all your friends and neighbours or are preparing for your own wedding, using Mason drinking jars will add a little sparkle and a splash of colour to your event. As with many of our products, these drinking jars are available to buy in bulk packs, offering tremendous value for money.

Grab a drinking jar, pour yourself a refreshing drink, and sit back and enjoy.

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