Good Old Fashioned Pottery

mason cash

Simple is best tends to be a worthy motto in the kitchen, both for recipes and equipment. While some handy electrical gadgets are invaluable, when it comes to basic baking utensils it’s hard to beat traditional materials and designs, such as Mason Cash.

Mason Cash range

This range of bowls, basins and oven to tableware is thoroughly traditional in method and design but subtly modern at the same time. The Rule Britannia styling and colourways of some of its ranges displays a strong hint of nostalgia, but with the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics over the past few years, Brit-chic is very cool. Better still, this range is firmly functional, sticking to tried and tested materials, shapes and properties. A few items from the Mason Cash range will set you up with some important basics for any aspiring cook.

Mixing bowls

Traditional mixing bowls are not an accident of design, but a carefully planned process. There are some fundamental properties you should look for in a good mixing bowl. A good weight to the bowl gives stability while mixing manually, the size should be right to grip in the crook of your arm for leverage when mixing firmer doughs and pale coloured interiors help to see clearly the process of mixing. You should consider a set in different sizes for different doughs and, in particularly modern style, aim for something oven, dishwasher and freezer safe. Consider also the possibility of lids or handles that can be attached for easier handling and storage of foods.

Mason Cash Pudding basins

For some time the traditional steamed pudding fell out of favour, but with a resurgence in traditional recipes and kitchen practices there is once more a place for the classic pudding basin in many kitchens. Earthenware is the traditional material for steamed puddings both sweet and savoury, but Mason Cash also offer a carbon steel variety with good heat conducting and non-stick properties. A rim around the top of the basin allows for the fixing of a lid and an embossed finish adds grip when releasing puddings. You can steam puddings in any earthenware bowl but the traditional basin has that sloping-sided, flat-topped shape that screams sticky toffee, plum duff or Christmas pudding.

A large part of our taste sensation is visual, we eat with our eyes as much as our mouths, so presentation is important. A matching range of oven to tableware and bakeware that includes cute items such as cake stands takes a lot of the effort out of serving up a beautiful meal.

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