Mason Cash Cookware UK

Mason Cash cookware UK

Mason Cash is a traditional British company known for its fine pottery cookware, which it has been making for over 200 years. Its products look great in any British kitchen, whether modern or traditional in style.

Mason Cash cookware UK origins

Started in Church Gresley in Derbyshire, the pottery took advantage of deposits of clay and coal found locally. The ‘Mason’ part of the name comes from a colourful Master Potter in the 1800s with the nickname ‘Bossy’ Mason. In 1901 the pottery was acquired by Thomas Cash, who added his own name to the business to come up with ‘Mason Cash and Co’. The pottery became famous for its white and cane coloured glazed earthenware.

Mixing bowls were a staple product of the firm as far back as the 1800s, but when Thomas Cash took charge in 1901 the firm come up with its own distinctive style. This iconic mixing bowl is almost exactly the same now as it was more than 100 years ago, recognisable by the unique pattern decorating the exterior.

Over the last century the firm has expanded its ranges and since 2007 has been owned by the Rayware Group, however it retains the traditional style and quality that the Mason Cash name has become known for.

The modern Mason Cash cookware UK range

Along with white and cane mixing bowls in a variety of sizes, Mason Cash has carefully brought its range up to date without diverging from its distinctive traditional blueprint. You can now add a Mason Cash mixing bowl to complement your kitchen decor, with ‘Zest’ and ‘Heart’ ranges available in cream, pink, red, green and lemon yellow, featuring fresh colours and updated versions of the Mason Cash cookware UK exterior molding.

Apart from mixing bowls there are also pudding basins, baking dishes and a smart terracotta range, all of which looks good enough to go straight from oven to table.

Traditional cream pudding basins are available in seven sizes, either individually or as a set. The Zest and Heart ranges feature 14cm ad 16cm pudding basins to complement the mixing bowls. Mason Cash bakeware comes in round, oval and rectangular shapes and is known for its strength and durability. The products are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and work as well in a professional kitchen as making a Sunday roast at home.

The terracotta range includes a number of open casseroles in different sizes, a covered casserole, rectangular and square baking dishes, an exotic tagine, baking stone, wine cooler and a bread form, to cover all your kitchen needs.

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