Mason Cash Cookware

Mason Cash cookware

Mason Cash bowls and bakeware are some of the most popular products here at Wares of Knutsford. If you haven’t come across them yet, you will still no doubt recognise the classic style of Mason Cash, which has been used in kitchens for more than two centuries.

About Mason Cash cookware

The first Mason Cash cookware products were made at Church Gresley in 1800, right in the heart of the thriving ceramic industry. Church Gresley was ideally situated for access to local raw material and the industrial fuel needed to create fantastic ceramics. And it was close to transport hubs, supporting product distribution around the UK and internationally.

The Mason Cash style has remained as the familiar white and cane coloured glazed earthenware, sometimes also called ‘yellow ware’ after the local clay colour, and alternatively known as ‘bargeware’, reflecting the mode of transport used to take the products to market. Originally the pottery was run by various master potters and the ‘Mason’ part of the name came from one of these, known as ‘Bossy Mason’. In 1901 the business was bought by Tom Cash, who added his name as a suffix to make ‘Mason Cash & Co’.

The company made mixing bowls from the outset but the iconic design we all know and love was introduced in 1901. Their practicality has seen Mason Cash bowls become a staple of professional and amateur kitchens and has even gained design classic status. The basic format has hardly changed in all that time and the Mason Cash name is still synonymous with classic, innovative kitchenware.

Mason Cash cookware at Wares of Knutsford

You can find a range of Mason Cash pudding basins, mixing bowls and baking dishes here at Wares of Knutsford, in the traditional white and cane colourway and some modern updates on the classic design. White pudding basins come in seven different sizes and can be bought separately or as a set. Mixing bowls come in nine different sizes in white and cane, plus the bright and colourful hearts and zest ranges in three sizes.

The mixing bowls are carefully designed to be as functional as they are decorative, with a patterned exterior to provide extra grip, a wide and shallow shape which is ideal for kneading dough, and enough weight to prevent excess movement while mixing and beating ingredients. The white interior allows the cook to check the consistency and colour of the mixture to ensure perfect baking results.

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