Marmalade Labels

marmalade labels

The preserve on everyone’s to do lists at this time of year is marmalade, with its unusual, bittersweet taste and rich, golden colour. Marmalade can be made not only with oranges but also lemons, mandarins or other members of the citrus fruit family, and brings a taste of summer to the winter breakfast table.

You might be making just a small batch of marmalade to use up a glut of fruit, or considering a commercial endeavour to make money out of your marmalade making skills. Either way, put a bit of effort into presentation. This involves not only sourcing some attractive bottles but also labels for marmalade that both help to make your produce look attractive but also comply with legal regulations.

Regulations for commercial marmalade labels

Trading standards provide some very specific requirements for marmalade labels if you are planning to sell your product. First you must ensure that the name of the main type of fruit used is mentioned – for example ‘orange marmalade’ – the same applies if mixed fruit is used, so ‘orange and lemon marmalade’. Ingredients must be listed in descending weight order, including the proportion of fruit per 100g of product and the amount of sugar per 100g in the finished product. You can buy a refractometer to measure the sugar content for you.

These rules are specific to jams and marmalades and are in addition to the general labelling rules, which include that you must state the name of the product, specific allergenic ingredients used, a use by date, storage and usage conditions, your name and address and the net quantity.

If you are planning to sell your produce, contact your local trading standards office to make sure your labelling complies with regulations or you could face legal difficulties.

Attractive marmalade labels

Once you have the legal business in hand, you can get back to the main purpose of your labels, which is to make your product unique and eye catching. Fortunately Wares of Knutsford has a great selection of labels for marmalade jars, including some decorated with watercolour paintings by mother and daughter artist team Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff.

The choice of colours includes cornflower blue, ocean blue, periwinkle, coral, olive green, forest green, sunshine or rose red, with patterns including polka dots, stripes and gingham. The Words of Art range includes labels with colourful fruit borders, which are ideal for jams and marmalades, and some funky modern labels featuring the Union Flag or a royal crown, plus themed labels specially for honey, vegetable products or spices.

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