Marmalade Jars For January

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The perfect jar for tasty marmalade!

Marmalade Jars For January

You may think that wintertime is something of a quiet period when it comes to home preserves; however, nothing could be further from the truth. January is when Seville oranges are in season, which means just one thing – it is time to make marmalade!

 Choosing your marmalade jars

 Before you get the maslin pan on the hob, you need to think about the best jars for marmalade and work out how many you need. Whilst you can use any jar you like, of course, we tend to recommend slightly smaller jars for marmalade than for jam. The 300ml deluxe jam jar makes a good choice, as this heavyweight jar with its simple styling seems to work well with traditional marmalades.

 If you are planning to give your marmalade away as a gift, we also have a rather special printed jar featuring the word ‘marmalade’ across the front. This jar is 454ml in size and comes with a brushed steel twist-off lid. Using this jar will give your homemade marmalade a very professional finish and will look very smart indeed.

 If you run a B&B or regularly have house guests, you might also consider making a batch of marmalade to put in miniature jars. These one-portion jars are ideal for serving breakfast to guests, providing a no-mess solution for the breakfast table.

 Filling those marmalade jars

 Seville oranges are categorically the best oranges to use for marmalade. Their wrinkly, knobbly skin is deliberately left unwaxed, making them perfect for those beautiful orange shreds. As they are unwaxed, they don’t keep as long as other oranges; therefore, try to use them as soon after you buy them as possible and always give them a good checking over in the greengrocers or supermarket to make sure they are not already going over before you buy them.

 We have covered several marmalade recipes in the past, from the quintessential Seville orange marmalade to some more unusual types. You can make marmalade using lemons, limes or grapefruit, or even rhubarb if you fancy something a little different. You can also add a twist to standard marmalade by adding extra ingredients, such as ginger, chilli, cinnamon or cardamom – although not all at the same time!

 Why not experiment with a few jars to see whether you can come up with your own unique marmalade flavour? We would love to hear from you if you create your own marmalade recipe – just get in touch via Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email.


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