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Wares of Knutsford began life selling preserve making equipment. We’ve come a long way since then and are very proud of our range, which includes both traditional and modern kitchen wares such as baking equipment, enamel ware and interesting household goods. However we still consider ourselves to be primarily a jam making website, and June marks the beginning of the preserving season!

Making jam at home

Jam making is one of those traditional hobbies which is undergoing a resurgence in popularity, with celebrity fans including supermodel Kate Moss and the Duchess of Cambridge publicly stating their love for making their own preserves. It’s an enjoyable, rewarding and therapeutic pastime, and the result is far more delicious than any preserve you can find in the shops.

You may only want to make a few jars to enjoy in private, but home made jam makes a fantastic gift and as it’s one of those things which is easier to make in bulk, it makes sense to spread the love! If your jam is really good and you demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, you may even find you can make a career out of a hobby.

Get started making jam

It’s not difficult to get started, even if you don’t have any experience. You can find all the equipment you need on a jam making website like Wares of Knutsford, including preserving pans, thermometers, funnels, straining kits, jars and labels. You will also find a helpful selection of recipe books.

However once you have mastered the basics of making jam, the fun is all in experimentation and coming up with your own delicious preserves. Jamming is an economical way of using up a glut of seasonal fruit and allows you to enjoy a fruity flavour all year round, but in fact there are plenty of free ingredients you can use – blackberries, elderberries, crab apples, cherries, damsons, sloes, rosehips and hawthorns for example can all be found growing wild in the UK, so take advantage of nature’s bounty to come up with some creative jam flavours! Just make sure you know what you are picking, that you are not trespassing and that you wash the fruit well before use.

The internet is your friend here, as you will find all sorts of useful advice, recipes and instructions online, including here on the Wares of Knutsford website. Check out our blog, Facebook page and recipe selection, which are regularly updated with preserving themed information.

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