Making healthy meals in Mason jars

Making healthy meals in Mason jars

healthy vegetable salad in mason jar

When people think of the humble Mason jar, it is easy to assume that its sole use is for jam making and home preserves; however, there is so much more to these traditional glass jars. They make amazing serving dishes, for example, as they show food off in all its colourful glory. In today’s blog, we look at some ideas for healthy meals that work brilliantly in Mason jars.

Techniques for serving food in glass jars

Using Mason jars to serve food in is a fabulous idea, as you can see all the ingredients through the glass. Recipes that involve layering different ingredients, one on top of the next, work particularly well and look visually appealing. These jars are also heatproof; therefore, you are not limited to cold salads and desserts. Single portion pies work well, as do soufflés, baked egg dishes and mini puddings.

Healthy lunches in Mason jars

Mason jars are fantastic for packed lunches, as the screw top lid keeps everything safe. If lunchtimes have become a little dull, why not ditch the boring sandwich and take a jar full of healthy salad and noodles to work instead? Try a prawn and feta cheese salad, or perhaps a pesto and pasta salad, with succulent cherry tomatoes and a splash of olive oil. The beauty of the ‘salad in a jar’ approach is that you can experiment, throwing in whatever vegetables and salad items you have to hand for a unique concoction. It is hard to go wrong and your lunch will always look more appetising in a glass jar than in a plastic container!

Buy Mason jars online

If we have inspired you to start preparing a few tasty and healthy meals in Mason jars, you may need some jars to get started. Look no further, as you can buy Mason jars online from our comprehensive range. We have jars of every shape and size, including traditional Mason style jars and jars from Kilner and Le Parfait. The 250ml jars are perfect for breakfast dishes or desserts, whilst the larger 500ml jars work well for salads and lunch dishes.

We hope we have inspired you to have a go at some tasty meals served in glass jars. Whether a simple salad or a sumptuous berry and creme fraiche dessert, showing it off in a glass jar will make your meal look really special. Why not try this approach at your next dinner party?

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