Making gin in jars

Refreshing cocktails in mason jars over wooden background

Refreshing cocktails in mason jars over wooden background

Making gin in jars

Drinking ‘jam-jar cocktails’ is all the rage these days, but indulging can be a costly business when out and about. Instead, why not make your own, and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home? One of the most popular choices is delicious gin in a jar. It’s the perfect drinks party tipple or antidote to a stressful day at work.

What you need for gin in a jar

You won’t need a lot to make this cool taste of summer; just a large jar or individual serving jars with lids, 50ml of gin, two small bottles of tonic water and some fresh strawberries.

The cocktail experts at Revolution suggest using Bloom gin, or swapping this – and the strawberries – for Beefeater gin and a grapefruit and lemon garnish. Of course, what you prefer will depend on your personal taste and you can have lots of fun trying to find out what you like the best.

As well as the jars and the fresh ingredients and gin, you might also need a little outside space and a deck chair. There’s no better way to enjoy a gin, after all. Even in the rain, gin in jars can bring your inner sunshine out.

The method for making gin in a jar

Gin in a jar is really, really easy. In fact, it has to be one of the easiest cocktails to try. This means that you’ve really got no excuse not to give it a go – if you’re a fan of gin, of course!

Start by filling a large jar or several smaller serving jars with lots of cubed ice. Add your chosen gin and your strawberries, or other fruits. Then, simply top with the tonic water and start to share it around.

Using individual serving jars can make the whole process of making gin in jars as simple and mess-free as possible, although there’s nothing quite like opening the fridge to the sight of a gloriously large jar of gin nestling within.

Once you’ve mastered the delicious gin recipe, you could try out some other jam jar cocktails. It would be rude not to, especially if you’ve invested in some great drinking jars.
These open the door to a whole realm of possibilities; from decadent cocktails and mocktails served up with the summer barbecue to an unusual mulled wine serving suggestion. Who said that drinking from jars could only be a summer pursuit?

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