Making chutney for Christmas presents

Onion pineapple chutney on rustic wood.

Making Chutney for Christmas Presents

Giving homemade Christmas presents is a really nice thing to do, both for the giver and the recipient. In a world of easy consumerism, taking the time to create a homemade gift tells the recipient that you have really thought about the gift and have put effort into making it for them. If you have given jams and sweet preserves in the past and fancy trying something savoury this year, why not make a batch of chutneys?

Ideas for filling your chutney jars

Chutney can be made from either fruit or vegetables, or a mixture of the two, and is perfect for using up surplus produce from the garden. If you still have green tomatoes in the greenhouse, with no prospect of them ever ripening, why not turn them into delicious green tomato chutney? Since apple season is in full swing right now, a spiced apple chutney would be a great way to use some up and makes a tasty alternative to apple sauce served with roast pork or cold meats. Plum chutney is another firm favourite and is fabulous spiced with cinnamon.

Try chilli chutney for something that packs a bit of a punch – you can vary the type and quantity of chillies to get the right level of heat in your chutney. No Indian food is complete without mango chutney, of course, and this is surprisingly easy to make at home; in fact, chutney is so versatile that you can get a few jam jars out and simply experiment with all sorts of ingredients to come up with your own unique recipes.

Choosing the perfect chutney jars

Whilst traditional jam jars are perfectly fine for holding chutney, you might like to choose a fancier jar if you plan to give your chutney as a gift. Our traditional glass chutney jar actually has the word ‘chutney’ etched stylishly on the front; in addition, we have a matching ‘pickles’ jar in the same range. Team these together and present them in one of our two-jar gift boxes, set off with one of our vintage-inspired Father Christmas gift tags; alternatively, our hexagonal chutney jars make your chutney gifts look extra special.

Why not make two or three different chutneys and give a mixed set of three jars? Identified with our colourful chutney labels and placed in a presentation gift bag or box, these would look every inch as professional as a similar gift bought from a high street store but with the advantage of being entirely homemade.

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